The Mississippi Compulsory School Attendance Law (Miss.37-13-91) requires all children who have attained
or will attain the age of six (6) years on or before September 1 of the calendar year and who have not attained
the age of seventeen (17) on or before September 1st of the calendar year to be in regular attendance at school.
The law also requires that the school administrators report immediately to the local school attendance officer
any compulsory-school-age child who has not enrolled within fifteen (15) calendar days after the first day of the
school year. In addition, the Superintendent will report any child with five (5) absences to the School
Attendance Officer for appropriate consultation between the officer and parents/guardian. When the child has
twelve (12) un-excused absences, the law provides that charges of “Educational Child Neglect: may be
brought against the parent/guardian. Potential punishment for Education Child Neglect is a fine of up to
$1,000.00 and/or one (1) year in jail.”
The school district must require students to be in attendance at school on a regular basis to foster student
academic growth. Therefore, it is required that each student attend a minimum of 180 class days during the
school year of course work. In order to be counted present for a class a student must be in attendance
50% of the class time (47 minutes). No student will be entitled to receive academic credit for courses taken if
more than 5 class periods are missed for 9 Week courses; and 9 class periods for Semester courses. This is
applied for each individual class period. Parents/ guardians and attendance officer will be notified after students
have been absent for five (5) unexcused days in a semester course. A student will not be eligible to receive a
yearly average in one-unit courses or semester averages in half unit courses if excessive absences in the class
occur, subject to administrative review, if granted. In the event that a student exceeds the allowable number
of absences, the student will not be allowed to participate in school sponsored activities. If a student is
going to be absent for any reason the parent must contact the school before 10:00 am. The phone number is
601-964-3235. Students should bring a note to the office on the day they return to school stating the
reason for the absence and including a phone number so the absence can be verified.


1. Personal illness verified by medical note or administrator’s personal knowledge.
2. Serious illness or death in the student’s immediate family. Immediate family includes: parent/guardian,
brother, sister, grandparent, spouse, child, uncle and aunt.
3. Deemed by school officials to be of sufficient educational value when compared to school work
scheduled for that period or is of such urgent circumstances as to warrant and justify the absence.
Written permission must be requested by a parent or guardian in advance and granted by school
4. Students taking a regional, state, or national test, during the school day must have approval of
administration prior to missing in order for the absence to be excused.
5. Students may bring no more than 5 parental notes in a school year to excuse absences. This does not
apply to tardies. Parent notes must include a valid telephone number.
6. Students must present an excuse when they return. After 5 days from the day of absence excuses will not
be accepted.


Students who are classified as seniors will be permitted two excused college days during their senior year.
These visits should be used during the months of September through April. Students wishing to make a college
visit should submit a request in writing one week prior to the scheduled visit. In order for the absence to be
waived, the student must present a signed college visitation form upon his/her return to school. (Visitation
forms are generally available on all college campuses.) A college day waiver will not count against exam


Any other reason not listed above will be considered an unexcused absence unless approved by an


Perry Central High School will operate an after school detention for students who have excessive absences or
commit minor disciplinary infractions. Students who have excessive absences during a class period will be
required to make this time up before receiving credit for the course. High School students will attend after
school detention after exceeding the following numbers of absences:
1⁄2 Credit 9-week courses -- 5 absences 1 Credit Semester courses-- 9 absences
To be counted present in a class, a student will be in attendance at least 47 minutes of a 94 minute class. A
student who has a long-term or major illness or injury should contact his/her principal to be excused
from after school detention. If a student does not attend the assigned After School Detention, he/she may not
receive credit for the high school course. Students will attend 1 session of After School Detention for each
excessive absence.
After School Detention may also be used as punishment for minor disciplinary infractions according to the
discipline ladder.
After School Detention Procedures:
1. A parent/guardian will be contacted about the assigned day of After School Detention
2. The student will report to the designated room on the assigned day by 3:10 pm.
3. The student will stay in the designated room for the entirety of the detention period
4. The student will complete assignments given by a teacher or an alternate assignment given by
5. Students will not be allowed to enter After School Detention without books and materials.
After School Detention hours will be from 3:10 p.m. until 4:10 p.m. Students will not be allowed to enter after
3:10 p.m. or leave before 4:10 p.m. Students and Parents are responsible for transportation home.